The Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests promotes a unitary, coherent environmental policy, setting for itself some major targets to achieve:
  • Integration of the environment requirements in the sectorial strategies;
  • Complying with the acquis communautaire for environment: supplying drinking water in all the localities, puryfing waste waters, protecting the population against the dangerous effects of noise, closing the waste storehouses that do not comply with the current requirements, renewing the technology of the central heating systems and increasing the energy efficiency, promoting the renewable sources of energy, and the ecological rehabilitation of the historically polluted areas or coastal erosion;
  • Disconnecting the environment damage from the economic growth;
  • Guarding the biodiversity;
  • Monitoring and diminishing the climate change risks;
  • Risk management and prevention of the flood-associated disasters;
  • Implementing the "polluter pays" principle;
  • Financing the projects related to environment, inclusively through the Environment Fund;
  • Raising the public awareness and strengthening the cooperation with the environmental non-governmanetal associations.
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